CIHS Staff

Our foundation is built on genuine care. We aim to make a difference and assist in the change that you desire.

Each staff member contributes a combination of education, training, certifications and hands-on experience. Many members of our team have also faced or are currently in recovery themselves and are willing to share insight on their experience and fulfillment.

Relapse is a part of recovery and we assure you that we will be with you every step of the way. Each staff member will facilitate your recovery and serve as a role model in living a sober life.

Meet Our CEO

Kay Ib, MBA

Chief Executive Officer/ Program Director

Heading up the Community Intervention Healthcare Services (CIHS) Team, CEO “Leke” is dedicated to helping individuals with substance use challenges. After witnessing a loved one’s family torn apart by addiction, Leke utilized his Master’s degree in Business Administration to develop a model of care that provides CIHS clients with the tools and resources they need for full community integration.

Fun fact: Leke is an avid athlete and you’ll probably find him at the gym during his free time. He will give anyone “a run for their money” in anything from football, to basketball, to track and field.

Our commitments as a Behavioral and Recovery Program

Our commitment in ensuring that each person served is actively involved in and has a significant role in the individualized treatment planning process and determining the direction of his or her plan.

Our commitment as a provider to provide best treatment practice and outcomes in everything we do. Our priority to foster an environment where all person served can recovery.

Our commitment is to enhance communities by engaging with providers and referral source in order to empower all person served. We believe creating a strong community is dependent upon determining the community needs and building upon the skills and talents that already exist in order to create change from within.


Make a positive change in your life or the life of a loved one by sending a referral to CIHS